Name Zadam
Gender: Male
Season(s): Android Kikaider (Manga)
Homeworld: Earth
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Zadam is a two-headed demon-like commander of SHADOW sent to attack the Kikaider Brothers and Hakaider after they find Rumi.


Zadam is a large devil-themed robot with a conjoined body, the top of his body is dark while his lower body is scaly and the middle has a conjoined third leg. He also has large wings and trident-tipped tails.


Zadam is a loyal member of SHADOW who follows his orders without question and cruelly strikes down any enemies of SHADOW. He has a tendency to announce his name at random times.

Abilities and Equipment

Zadam can control many machines at once including his body's individual parts through a control module located in his middle leg. The body parts area able to fly and operate independently when separated. His heads are able to shoot beams and he is able to use his trident-shaped tails as weapons. His wings are razor sharp, and can be used as weapons. As a SHADOW commander, Zadam has control of a large battalion of robots and is able to strategically use them in battle.


Zadam appeared to attack the Komyoji House with a battalion of robots to take Rumi and complete Giant Devil. With the Kikaider Brothers still alive, they and Hakaider face the robots and later Zadam himself. Zadam traps the androids in a circle of robots to destroy them until Rei assumed the form of Kikaider 00 and attacked Zadam. Even as Zadam still functioned after being cut up, he continued to fight 00 until Rei destroyed the control module in Zadam's middle leg making Zadam and his robots cease to function.

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