Name Waruder
Gender: Male
Season(s): Android Kikaider (Manga)
Homeworld: Earth
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Waruder is an android created by Dr. Dromeda along with his 'sister' Bijinder to capture Akira and Rumi to complete Giant Devil for SHADOW. Unlike his live-action counterpart, he lacks an alternate form outside of his human form.


Waruder resembles a young man in black leather clothes. He wears sunglasses that cover his eyes as well as a light colored hat and scarf.


Waruder unlike Bijinder is more mechanical in nature, following his orders and programming given to him by Dr. Dromeda which made him quite surprised when Mieko decided to abandon them and join Jiro. He shows a level of cruelty and anger against those that go against SHADOW.

Abilities and Equipment

As Waruder is an android he possesses higher strength and reflexes. His left hand is a weapon that is able to fire a powerful energy ray. Later to counter Bijinder's circuitry manipulation, he was outfitted with a device that reflects the waves back at its source.


Waruder appears after Hakaider escaped with the children and requested to speak with Mieko. When Mieko explains her decision to leave him and Dr. Dromeda, Waruder tried to attack her but Mieko disabled his weapon's circuits before leaving. Dr. Dromeda appeared after this sign of betrayal and at the Monster Rock, integrated a new device that would repel Mieko's command waves. After Bijinder destroyed Black Cat, Waruder confronted her and she tried to use her abilities only for Waruder's new equipment to reflect it back at her. Waruder then gave the command to take control of the Kikaider Brothers.

The task appeared to be accomplished but Rei had heard everything between Mieko and Bijinder and powered Mieko down before anything could be done and the androids began a counterattack. Waruder retreated to the top of Monster Rock and tried to fight off the other androids with help from Dr. Dromeda. However, with a combined attack from all four androids, Waruder was destroyed and the Monster Rock was stopped.

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