This article is about a/an episode in Android Kikaider.
The Three Yellow Antlion Siblings Meeting!
Android Kikaider, Episode 23
Air date December 16, 1972
Written by Hideka Nagasaka
Directed by Yasutada Nagano
Episode Guide
White Sawshark's 12-Hour Nightmare
Devilish Woman?? Pink Armadillo

The Three Yellow Antlion Brothers Meeting! (キイロアリジゴク三兄弟見参! Kiiro Arijigoku San Kyōdai Kenzan!?) is the twenty-third episode of Android Kikaider.


The Yellow Antlion Siblings create the "Alphabet Attack" strategy in order to stop the wedding of a robotics scientist.


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  • When Jiro was struck by one of the Antlion`s spikes he stated that he tried a lot of things to get it out but to no avail, yet he later managed to pull it out with a pretty simple process (He should have been able to pull it out using brute strength)
  • This episode introduced a standard of three new destructoids instead of the usual one.


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