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The Suspiciousness of the Fourth-Dimension: The Terrifying Time Travel
Kikaider 01, Episode 36
Kikaider01 36
Air date January 19 1974
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Long-sleeved Daughter Bijinder: The Scrolling Picture of the Underworld
Veteran Fencer: Waruder Comes Right from the Mist

The Suspiciousness of the Fourth-Dimension:The Terrifying Time Travel (四次元の怪 恐怖のタイム旅行 Shijigen no Kai Kyōfu no Taimu Ryoka?) is the Thirty-Sixth episode of Kikaider 01.


Misao stumbles upon SHADOW's Time Tunnel and is whisked back to 1776. Followed by the bumbling ace private eye, Hattori Hanpei. Zaddam created the time tunnel in order for SHADOW's Ninja Squad to seize Edo Period scientist, Hiraga Gennai. 01 and Bijinda follow Hakaida and his Shadowbots through the time portal to uncover SHADOW's plot – can the android duo save Hiraga, Misao and Hanpei and get back to the future?


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