This article is about a/an episode in Android Kikaider: The Animation.
The Lonely Puppet
Android Kikaider: The Animation, Episode 1
Lonely Puppet
Air date October 16, 2000 (Kids Station)
June 9, 2003 (Cartoon Network)
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The Lonely Puppet is the first episode of Android Kikaider: The Animation


Dr. Den Komyoji creates Jiro before his lab is destroyed in an explosion caused by a shadowy assailant and he gets captured by a man named Professor Gil. Sometime later, Dr. Komyoji's children, Mitsuko and Masaru, check out the laboratory to see what happened but couldn't find anything. While Mitsuko is researching on what he was doing she discovers Dr. Komyoji had plans on creating an android that knows difference between right and wrong and goes back to the ruins of the laboratory. Jiro inevitably goes to the same place where he meets a rhinoceros-like robot trying to kill him. Mitsuko quickly realizes he is the android Dr. Komyoji was trying to build and helps him defeat the rhino robot.


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Character Japanese Voice actor English Voice actor
Jiro/Kikaider Tomokazu Seki Dave Wittenberg
Mitsuko Komyoji Yui Horie Lia Sargent
Masaru Komyoji Yumiko Kobayashi Barbara Goodson
Dr. Komyoji Shōzō Iizuka Christopher Carrol
Professor Gill Shinji Ogawa Michael Gregory


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  • The opening scene is an homage to the Mary Shelly novel, Frankenstein with narration of the fairy tale Pinocchio being read to the audience. These two stories are Shotaro Ishinomori's inspirations for Kikaider and were similarly used by Osamu Tezuka for Astro Boy, which Ishinomori's character Jiro is a tribute of.


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