This article is about a/an episode in Android Kikaider.
The Fiendish Demonface Crab Red's Cursed Law
Android Kikaider, Episode 33
Air date February 24, 1973
Written by Emi Tamura
Directed by Yatsutada Nagano
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The Fiendish Demonface Crab Red's Cursed Law (兇悪キメンガニレッド呪いの掟 Kyōaku Kimen Gani Reddo Noroi no Okite?) is the thirty-third episode of Android Kikaider.


Mask Crab Red tries to kill Mitsuko, but he is thwarted by King Crab Maroon, who had been saved by her earlier.


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  • This episode hints that not all destructoids are completely evil.
  • Although Demonface Crab Red stated that Horseshoe Crab Rogue is his brother technically almost all destructoids are considered siblings (with the exception of Gold Wolf, Saburo and Orange Snail who were created by Komyoji)


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