This article is about a/an episode in Kikaider 01.
Terror! The Egg will Laugh at the Blue Trap Island!
Kikaider 01, Episode 5
Kikaider01 5
Air date June 9 1973
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Outrageous! The Spectre Robot Termination!?
Magician Village: 01's Secret Ability!!

Terror! The Egg will Laugh at the Blue Trap Island! (恐怖! 青ワニ島で卵が笑う! Kyōfu! Ao Wani Shima de Tamago ga Warau!?) is the fifth episode of Kikaider 01.


A mysterious egg washes ashore at a fishing village, containing Blue Gator, who has come to gather slaves to establish a Hakaida Force base on Aowani Island. Akira and a village boy are kidnapped and brought to the island, luring Ichiro to into a deadly trap deep below the ocean depths – will Kikaida 01 survive?


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