This article is about a/an episode in Kikaider 01.
Terror! Mummy Man's Nitro Bomb
Kikaider 01, Episode 16
Kikaider01 16
Air date August 25 1973
Episode Guide
Explosion: Giant Devil's Secret
Great Work!! The Terrifying Giant: The Devil Starts

Terror! Mummy Man's Nitro Bomb (恐怖! ミイラ男のニトロ爆弾 Kyōfu! Mīra Otoko no Nitoro Bakudan?) is the sixteenth episode of Kikaider 01.


Akira is abducted when Ichiro is attacked by SHADOW Mummy. Jiro comes to the rescue, but is ambushed by SHADOW Golem. While 01 and Kikaida have their hands full, Rieko is tortured to reveal the secret of Gill's siblings. Meanwhile, Hakaida and Shadow Knight hijack a strategic bomber in order to drop an H-Bomb on Tokyo.


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