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Special Lesson of Japan is the Murder Practice!?
Kikaider 01, Episode 22
Kikaider01 22
Air date October 13 1973
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Special Lesson of Japan is the Murder Practice!? (本日の特別授業は殺人訓練?! Nippon no Tokubetsu Jugyō wa Satsujin Kunren?!?) is the twenty-second episode of Kikaider 01.


Scorpion Strong takes the guise of a schoolteacher in order to put the students under SHADOW's mind-control. Big Shadow feels that his plan to have the children attack the Kikaida Brothers will succeed since they will not harm human beings. One of the students, Kenji, escapes but his parents do not believe his wild story. Rieko and Kenji follow Scorpion Strong to his lair, but are attacked by the brainwashed students.


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  • Jiro appeared on this episode (via cardboard)