This article is about a/an Vehicle in Android Kikaider.
Side Machine

Side Machine

Side Machine2

Jiro, Mitsuko, and Masaru on the SideCar

The Side Machine (サイドマシン, Saido Mashin):is the personal motorcycle of Jiro/Kikaider. It was created by Dr. Komyoji as a mode of transportation. As the name suggests, it has a built in sidecar for passengers. It can be controlled remotely through a signal emitted by Jiro. While in human form the bike was called the Sidecar, With the side car appearing on the left side. When Kikaider appeared in Kikaider 01, the bike would remain as the Side machine even when Kikaider changed to his human form. The bike can fly & ride upon water and has a speed of 500km per hour as the Side machine.

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