Shotaro Ishinomori (石ノ森 章太郎 Ishinomori Shōtarō?, January 25, 1938 – January 28, 1998) (born Shotaro Onodera) is a manga artist known for his introducing the Henshin Hero genre to Japanese popular culture. His most notable works include Cyborg 009, Kamen Rider, Kikaider, and Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.

Early Career

Ishinomori's manga career began when he was recruited by famed manga artist Osamu Tezuka as an assistant. With the release of Cyborg 009, Ishinomori gained enough reputation to be recruited by several publishers including Weekly Shonen Sunday where he published Android Kikaider.


Shotaro Ishinomori entered tokusatsu business after making a deal with Toei, producing Kamen Rider in 1971. Kamen Rider introduced the Henshin Hero genre and was highly popular. A year later, Ishinomori produced Henshin Ninja Arashi and Android Kikaider and like Kamen Rider before them published manga that told parallel stories.

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