This article is about a/an hero in the movie Mechanical Violator Hakaider.
Gender: Male
Season(s): Mechanical Violator Hakaider
Color(s): Black
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Mechanical Violator Hakaider
Last Appearance: Mechanical Violator Hakaider
Number of Episode
1 (Movie)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Yuji Kishimoto (Ryo)
Dai Matsumoto (Hakaider)

Ryo (リョウ Ryō?) is Hakaider (ハカイダー Hakaidā?), the main character of the film, Mechanical Violator Hakaider.

Character History

Hakaider was created by Gurjev, the dictator of Jesus Town, to enforce the angel's twisted version of peace. However, Hakaider was deemed unsuitable due to his strong preference of free-will over peace. Before he could be dismantled, a group of rogue scientists stole him from Gurjev, and Hakaider later finds himself and his motorcycle sealed in a prison compound. Years later, thieves raid the prison Hakaider was sealed in during an ill fated search for treasure, unintentionally freeing him. After killing the thieves, he returns to Jesus Town, enacting brutal vengeance against Gurjev's regime.



  • Hakaider Shot (Hakaider)

    Hakaider Shot

    Hakaider Shot: A shot-gun like rifle, usually mounted on his bike or held in his hand. The red shells it fires are extremely powerful, highly accurate, and possibly explosive. Hakaider wields it with his left hand, similar to the original Hakaider. The shotgun's design is based on a Remington M870.
  • Destruction Gun: A three-barreled blaster mounted inside his chest, which he uses against Mikhail's second form. This weapon is exclusively seen in the Director's Cut of the film.
  • Arm Shot: Housed inside Hakaider's right arm. Fires the same bullets as Hakaider Shot



Hakaider on the Guilty

  • Top Speed: 666km/h

The Guilty is Hakaider's motorcycle in the film, a modified Yamaha VMax. When Ryo transforms into Hakaider, the motorcycle gains a holster which carries the Hakaider Shot, faster speed and blue neon lights underneath and on the rear the bike.

Based on what is seen in both cuts of the film, the Guilty is apparently indestructible or highly resistant to damage. The motorcycle showed no damage while inside the Jesus Town's electrified energy barrier and rammed right through it and no damage from the gunfire of the city's guard tower turret.



  • In his human form, Hakaider never speaks. He also seems more passive in human form.
  • While dubbed Ryo in the credits, Hakaider is never called this in the film.
  • Hakaider's philosophy of valuing free will is a clear extension of the character's traditional portrayal as rebellious and unwilling to follow orders he doesn't like.

Behind the Scenes

  • to be added


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