Gender: Female
Ally Type: Protectee
Season: Android Kikaider (Manga)
Homeworld: Earth
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Last Appearance: {{{lastepisode}}}
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Rumi is the twin sister of Akira and the daughter of Professor Gill. Like her brother, Rumi has plans for Giant Devil embalmed onto her body, her plans being the energy conservatives and finishing the circuits.


Rumi is a young girl with dark eyes and hair with a hairband. She wears a light colored shirt with a dark skirt and shoes.


Rumi appears to be like most children, easily startled by fearful people like SHADOW and enjoys company of good intentions like Rieko.


Rumi was born to an unnamed mother along with Akira. While Akira was being taken care of by Rieko, Rumi was raised separately until she was picked up by her father in the form of Hakaider to protect his plans from SHADOW. She is put under the care of by Rieko as she, the Kikaider Brothers, and Hakaider were attacked by SHADOW. While the Kikaider Brothers and Hakaider fought Zadam, Rieko had to flee from another robot and had to assume her android form to protect Rumi at the cost of her life. Rumi was then put into stasis for her safety while the Kikaider Brothers and Hakaider went to rescue Akira. But once both were rescued and the group welcomes Mieko, Hakaider takes the children to complete Giant Devil. They are imprisoned somewhere inside the giant robot until Jiro liberated them before it was destroyed. What happened to them afterwards is unknown.

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