This article is about a/an Destructoid in Android Kikaider.
Pink Tiger
Pink Tiger2

Pink Tiger (ピンクタイガー , Pinku Taigā, 13, 14, 25, and Movie):Powers include a gun each arm called the Tiger Gun, a remote controlled flying spiked bracelet called the Tiger Ring, mouth smokescreen called the Tiger Smoke Shield, and a wielding staff. He was destroyed by Kikaider's Denji End. He was revived on Episode 14 along with the other defeated Destructoids. He was killed by Silver Tortoise when he was training to fight him. Pink Tiger along with Gold Wolf, and Black Chameleon were rebuilt by Dr. Komyoji when he taught Kikaider killed his family. The 3 android were destroyed when Kikaider grabbed Black Chameleon's Tail, threw right at the 2 androids, and both fell off a cliff exploded.


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