This article is about a/an Destructoid in Android Kikaider.
Orange Snail

Orange Snail (橙カタツムリ, Daidai Katatsumuri, 25, & Movie): is a Destructoid that Komyoji was tricked into building. This makes him one of Jiro's siblings.


Unlike the rest of Jiro's siblings (aside from Saburo and his questionable morality as well as Gold Wolf's Destructoid form) who were good, Orange Snail was the only one to be evil, like most typical Destructoids. Despite being created by Komyoji, his loyalty did not extend to his creator and was willing to use force to submit him to Gill's will.


After DARK tricked Komyoji (who had amnesia) into believing that Kikaider murdered his children, he built Orange Snail to defeat their enemy. When Jiro faced the Destructoid, Orange Snail tauntingly referred to him as his brother and explained DARk's nefarious plot. Using his hypnosis powers, he was able to temporarily control Jiro and made him use the Side Machine to bring both of them to DARK's base. After Jiro revealed DARK's true colors, Orange Snail confronted both of them and tried to force Komyoji to submit. With Jiro now aware of his enemy's powers, he was able to defeat his evil sibling in their rematch. He was revived with all the Destructoids created before Multi-Colored Sand Lizard (aside from Tiny Echidna) in the movie only to be destroyed again.


It is thinkable that Orange Snail is a very advanced Destructoid, due to being created by Komyoji himself. Aside from being able to roll into a flight capable ball, spewing a sticky glue from the head and exposing others to explosive flashes from the eyes, he can also use hypnosis to temporarily control others (even those like Jiro) with his swirly face.

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