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National Dragnet for Our Father's Enemy Jiro
Android Kikaider, Episode 39
Air date April 7, 1973
Written by Hideka Nagasaka
Directed by Yasutada Nagano
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Hakaider Kills Jiro!
Look Out, Jiro! Complete Functional Shutdown!!

National Dragnet for Our Father's Enemy Jiro (父の仇ジロー全国指名手配 Chichi no Kyū Jirō Zenkuni Shimeitehai?) is the thirty-ninth episode of Android Kikaider.


Angler Brown has plans to brainwash children and turn them into warriors. Kikaida saves the kids but slips away quickly to avoid the police.


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  • Jiro easily defeated Saburo in this episode showing that he can (perhaps easily) defeat Hakaider if he wanted to (It should also be noted that Jiro held back to not severely injure him) but chose not to.
  • The police (and Mitsuko) have shown themselves to be quite clueless about how strong Jiro is in this episode as they both thought that a few police officers would be able to capture or kill him when it`s clearly not that easy (it is doubtful that any normal human being would even have a chance of defeating him without help)
  • It is doubtful that Jiro would have been that affected by Brown Angler Fish`s flamethrower as he clearly showed himself to be durable enough withstand heavy firepower with little to no difficulty.
  • None of the kids seem to have told the police about Jiro`s heroism or Hakaider and Dark.
  • Hakaider has shown that he had no qualms on killing a small child if it`s to kill Jiro.