A Mutant is an organic creature that ether has a special gene passed down from parent (or parents) to offspring or somehow mutated through a myriad of means. The mutants created by Ishinomori Shotaro often possesses a variety of superhuman abilities such as ESP, energy manipulation and other supernatural powers. The mutants are from another work of Shotaro Ishinomori; Inazuman. The mutants from Inazuman serve as the antagonists or allies of the main character Saburo Kazeda (who`s true mutant form is Inazuman).

In the Kikaider franchise, they played a role in a crossover called The Boy who Carried a Guitar, a manga chapter of Inazuman which served as the conclusion to Kikaider's story. In that story, Jiro kept resisting the submission circuit after the events of his manga ended until at some point he was found by Inazuman`s enemies who modified the circuit to make Jiro into their ally and fight Inazuman until Jiro broke free from the submission circuit returning back to his heroic self.

The manga chapter itself would be adapted later on as a Kikaider story in the 2000 Anime and the MEIMU Kikiader Code 02 manga.

List of Mutants


  • By coincidence, the mutants of Ishinomori's manga were similar to Stan Lee's mutants from Marvel's X-Men comics, as both faced prejudice and fear for their natural gifts and a good mutant battled evil mutants to protect humanity.

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