[[Image:Template:SeasonAbbrevation_Mitsuko Komyoji (Manga).jpg|220px|center|Mitsuko Komyoji]]
Mitsuko Komyoji
Gender: Female
Ally Type: Repairer/Love Interest
Season: Android Kikaider (Manga)
Homeworld: Earth
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Mitsuko Komyoji is the daughter of Dr. Hiroshi Komyoji and his first child after his second marriage. She is a major supporting character in the first half of Android Kikaider also appearing as a love interest for Jiro.


Mitsuko is a young woman with short dark hair in a hair band and dark eyes. She usually wore a dark top and lighter skirt with an average build for young women her age.


Mitsuko is a caring and compassionate person who wants to help out the people close to her such as her brother Masaru Komyoji and her father. When first meeting Jiro, Mitsuko was a little fearful of him due to the fact his incomplete Conscience Circuit could put her and Masaru in danger. However after seeing Jiro's brave and compassionate side, she starts to develop feelings for Jiro and wishes to complete the Conscience Circuit so that he doesn't become a pawn in Professor Gill's schemes.


Mitsuko has some knowledge in robotics, able to understand her father's notes on constructing Kikaider and how Jiro functions. However, she lacks the expertise to complete complex systems like the Conscience Circuit.


Mitsuko read through her father's journal explaining his story with Professor Gill and about Jiro who came to their house later. However when DARK robots attacked and Jiro had to fight, Mitsuko would assist him in using his abilities while growing concerned for him; especially after she was kidnapped by Dracula and held hostage to bait Jiro. During Dracula's trap Mitsuko managed to get through to Jiro in order to fight back before seeing him run off. With Jiro gone, Mitsuko would either hire Hanpei Hattori or go out with Masaru to look for him but encounter problems that would prevent him from doing so. When DARK schemed to make Jiro look like a criminal, Mitsuko defended him even when Jiro was being controlled by Professor Gill to strangle her. Mitsuko however was still alive due to Jiro having some subconscious control. Jiro then brought back Dr. Komyoji back from DARK where he was reunited with his family. After Jiro recruited Ichiro, Mitsuko left with her family for Europe to get Dr. Komyoji treated by friends there. She and the rest of her family are then not seen for the rest of the series.

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