[[Image:Template:SeasonAbbrevation_Masaru Komyoji (Manga).jpg|220px|center|Masaru Komyoji]]
Masaru Komyoji
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Supporter
Season: Android Kikaider (Manga)
Homeworld: Earth
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Masaru Komyoji is the youngest child of Dr. Hiroshi Komyoji and the younger brother of Mitsuko Komyoji.


Masaru is a young pre-adolescent boy with dark eyes and hair that is combed downward. He is usually dressed in clothing such as t-shirts and overalls.


Masaru is a relatively average child loving his family and even including Jiro. He can also be highly emotional such as when finding out that his mother was a spy for Professor Gill.


Masaru usually appeared in between the scenes of the manga informing Jiro of what happened such as Mitsuko being kidnapped or being around people like Hanpei Hattori. At the end of the first half of the manga, after being reunited with his father he and Mitsuko leave with him to Europe to get him treated and are not seen for the rest of the manga.

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