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King Indian: The Incarnation of Mortal!!
Kikaider 01, Episode 19
Air date September 22, 1973
Written by Fumihito Imamura
Directed by Toyohiko Hatakeyama
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Great Fury: Shadow Leader's Conscious Confirm

King Indian: The Incarnation of Mortal!! (キングインデアン必殺の呪文!! Kingu Indean Hissatsu no Shumon!!?) is the ninteenth episode of Kikaider 01.


SHADOW's latest Deathbot, King Indian, conjures supernatural powers through ancient rituals to destroy Ichiro. Not to be outdone, Hakaida contacts the spirit of Professor Gill and is granted a power upgrade of his own. King Indian and his Indian Warriors terrorize the survivors of an attack on a film crew, including Ganta and friends, until Ichiro comes to the rescue. But, they are surrounded and outnumbered – while Hakaida awaits his revenge.


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