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Kikaider Wa Yuku
Android Kikaider
Performed by: Masato Shimon, Columbia Yurikago-Kai
Lyrics by: Mamoru Tanaka, Toshio Okia
Composed by: Michiaki Watanabe
Rights currently with: Columbia Music Entertainment
Production Order

Kikaider Wa Yuku is . It was performed by Masato Shimon, Columbia Yurikago-Kai.

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Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Midori no chikiyuu wo neratteru
aku no teiou Giru Hakase
Dark Robotto nikui yatsu
yurushi hashinai doko mademo
Yukuzo! Yukuzo!
Heiwa no tameni Kikaida

Guitar wo tsumabiku robotto no
muneni seigi no chigaodoru
Sidemachine ni tobinoreba
saihatemademo dokomademo
Yukuzo! Yukuzo!
Jinzou Ningen Kikaida!

Yuuhi ga shizumu chiheisen
te wo furinagara kyoumo mata
Aku wo taoshite sassouto yuku
Yuuki no otoko dokomademo
Yukuzo! Yukuzo!
Bokura no nakama Kikaida!

The green planet Earth is the target
of Professor Gill, Emperor of Evil,
and his hateful Dark robots.
We won't allow them anywhere!
Go on! Go on!
For peace, Kikaida!

The blood of justice dances in the heart
of the robot that strums the guitar.
If he jumps onto Sidemachine,
he can get around everywhere!
Go on! Go on!
Artificial Human Kikaida!

From where the sun sets again in the horizon
he waves at us once more today
Evil has been knocked down and away he rides
Man of courage!
Go on! Go on!
Our companion Kikaida!

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