Kikaider Komoriuta
Android Kikaider
Performed by: Masato Shimon
Lyrics by: Toshio Okia, Nagasaka Okia
Composed by: Michiaki Watanabe
Rights currently with: Columbia Music Entertainment
Year Released: 1972
Production Order

Kikaider Komoriuta is . It was performed by Masato Shimon.

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Romanized Lyrics

Original Japanese lyrics Approximate translation into English

Kaasan inai ore da kedo
Kaasan hoshii ore datte
Tsumetai kaze ga fukinukeru
Yoru wa yoru wa kikitai
Kaasan no
Ah kaasan no komoriuta

Kikoeru fue wa Giru no fue
Kono yo no teki no aku no fue
Midareru kokoro sonna toki
Ichido ichido kikitai
Atataka na
Ah kaasan no komoriuta

Robotto da kedo yume ga aru
Robotto da kedo ai ga aru
Hitori no tabi ga tsurai toki
Ore wa ore wa kikitai
Kaasan no
Ah kaasan no komoriuta

I don't have a mother
I want a mother
The cold wind is blowing
I want to hear, to hear mother's
Aaaah, mother's lullabye

The flute that I hear is Gill's flute
Tonight's flute is the enemy
At times when my heart flutters,
Just once, just once I want to hear a warm
Aaah, mother's lullabye

Even though I am a robot, I have dreams
Even though I am a robot, I have love
When I am feeling sad traveling by myself
I want, I want to hear mother's
Aaah, mother's lullabye

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