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Kamen Rider V3 (仮面ライダーV3 Kamen Raidā Bui Surī?, Masked Rider V3) is Shiro Kazami, the direct successor of the Double Riders and main protagonist of the Japanese tokusatsu television series Kamen Rider V3, the second in the famous Kamen Rider franchise of tokusatsu programmes. As the direct successor of the Double Riders, he is also a motorcycle-riding cyborg that has powers which match (or perhaps even surpasses) their own strength and abilities.

Character History

Originally a junior of Takeshi Hongo that showed a lot of promise, Kazami became one of the witnesses of Gel-Shocker's successor Destron and their evil motives. As a result, he became a target with Hongo protecting him from their assassins. One night as he returned home, one of Destron's soldiers mercilessly murdered his family with Kazami being forced to watch helplessly. Before he was also killed, the Double Riders appeared and rescued him. As they mourned the tragic result of their mistake, Kazami pleaded the Kamen Riders to turn him into a cyborg. The Double Riders responded by trying to persuade him that revenge isn't the right way, as well as telling him that living as a human but not a human and fighting against other cyborgs should be a burden only carried by them.

The Double Riders then went to go stop Destron, with Kazami secretly following them and rescued them from a trap. In the process however, Kazami became horribly injured. The Double Riders then had no choice but to turn him into a cyborg in order to save his life. As the Double Riders performed the operation and added a portion of their powers to Kazami, the Destron outpost was attacked and destroyed by Turtle Bazooka. The Double Riders were presumably temporarily weakened by adding their powers to Kazami, which put them in a major disadvantage until their successor joined the battle, now known as Kamen Rider V3.

Told by Hongo and Ichimonji to protect the members of the Rider scouts, V3 rode on his Hurricane bike and narrowly managed to stop Scissors Jaguar from skewering Tachibana. Later joined by his predecessors, Kazami and the Double Riders' appearances caused Destron's soldiers to retreat. Kazami managed to capture a member before he escaped however, and tried to make him tell where Destron's home base was. Before the grunt could do so however, Scissors Jaguar impaled his underling with his scissor arm and escaped. Running after the monster, Kazami met a priest that was seemingly injured, which caused him to lose Scissor Jaguar in sight. He then helped the priest before going to his parents graves, where he met Junko, a girl he encountered earlier before becoming a Kamen Rider. Since Junko was also targeted by Destron and was with Kazami's family before they died, she felt some responsibility for their deaths. Telling her that his family's deaths were not her fault and to stay away from him, Kazami walked away. When Scissors Jaguar and his henchmen tried to kidnap Junko however, Kazami reappeared in front of her, telling her to run.

Transforming into V3 and contacted by Hongo through their O signal, Kazami is guided by his predecessor and overwhelms the monster, causing it to retreat. Told by Hongo to use his V3 hopper, Kazami seeks out Destron's base and finds the church which the priest he helped resided in, sneaking inside it. Inside, the priest reveals himself as Scissors Jaguar and reveals Destron's plan to blow up Tokyo with an atomic bomb, also telling him the location of the bomb. Kazami replies that his electronic brain is connected with the Double Riders, thus they also learned of Destron's plans and can stop it in his stead. Engaging in combat, V3 fights Scissors Jaguar's grunts and easily deals with them. With an advice from the Double Riders, Kamen Rider V3 defeats Scissor's Jaguar himself, partially avenging his family's deaths. Becoming puzzled with his predecessors' words before realizing they're in danger, Kazami races over to try and save them. When he reaches them however, Turtle Bazooka explodes in mid-air with the Double Riders close by. He then becomes distraught over what happened to his predecessors, thinking them to be dead. The Double Riders use their O signal once more and assures him that they aren't dead, along with entrusting him as the protector of Japan while they're away. Not willing to let them down, Kazami vows to protect Japan from Destron as Kamen Rider V3.


Even before his alteration into a cyborg, Kazami was already a kind and righteous person. He deeply cared for his family and took bike racing as a hobby. Things changed for him when Destron murdered his family as Kazami was filled with hatred and a desire for revenge. That didn't cloud his judgment however, as he selflessly saved the Double Riders at the risk of his own life.

Although still good at heart, Kazami continued to retain his desire for revenge as shown when he fought his family's murderer. It was only after witnessing the Double Riders and their heroic actions did Kazami drop his desire for revenge towards Destron and decide to fight for what's right. His feelings for others didn't waver however, as he still mourns his family's deaths. He also asked them for forgiveness at their graves when gaining a cyborg body, which he stated will be used for justice.

Kazami also resembles his predecessors in a number of ways as he is often cool and calm (like Hongo) but could also be hot-blooded (like Ichimonji) at times. He was also the one who helped Riderman become a better person and taught him that revenge isn't the right way while understanding his pain. It was shown in later sequels that Kazami matured even more as he helped his juniors (like his predecessors helped him), while at times being a leader like Hongo is.


With the gymnastic nickname "The white panther of mats", Kazami was already a skilled person even before becoming a cyborg. He not only attended the same college as Hongo, but later proved himself as a skilled scientist. As to be expected of someone who trained under Hongo and Tachibana as a bike racer, his skills are of pro level. After becoming a Kamen Rider, Kazami initially fought mostly with brute strength.

While immensely powerful even among other cyborgs, Kazami still lacked experience, causing some Destron soldiers to get the better of him from time to time. This lasted until Kazami learned to control his powers and use his skills alongside his powers, allowing him to keep up with his predecessors when they teamed up against an opponent. It was shown in later sequels that his skills have improved to the point where he seemingly surpassed Ichimonji himself.

Crossovers with Kikaider and other media

Kikaider 00 Novel

In this novel, an alternate Kamen Rider V3 appeared as a major character. This V3 failed to save the world (which for some reason had three suns) and roamed around aimlessly while waiting for his death. Since the world he lived in no longer had humanity in it (because of nuclear wars) he walked around the dessert for at least 1,000 years fighting off giant sand mutations. He later on encountered Rei who defeated him in combat. Before his death, this V3 smiled and stated that he had no regrets in his life.

Gorenger vs. J.A.K.Q.

Although Kazami didn't directly appear in this movie, he was shown alongside Amazon and Kikaida in pictures. They were stated to be fighting evil around the world. It is likely that these events took place after they defeated their respective foes.

Let's Go Kamen Rider

When the timeline was distorted in this movie, V3 and all other Riders after him (aside from the ones who were responsible for said distortion) were erased from the timeline. Eventually after a series of events, the innocents regained their memories of Kamen Riders thus allowing them to return. With the help of Jiro, Ichiro, Inazuman and Kaiketsu Zubat, they were able to defeat Shocker and stop their plans.

Video Games

Super Hero Tactics Daidal's ambitions 

Tokusatsu Adventure Action Drama Super Hero Biographies 

Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2001 

Kamen Rider V3

  • Rider height: 180 cm
  • Rider weight: 78 kg
  • High Jump Power: 60 m
  • Running Speed: 100/1.6 per second

Aside from the standard abilities he shares with his predecessors, V3 has 26 abilities and weapons at his disposal. Since V3 wasn't taught about his abilities at first, he occasionally had a hard time against his opponents. This no longer became a problem in the latter half of the story, when V3 fully adjusted to his powers.

Despite his amazing abilities, V3 also has 4 deadly weaknesses. Aside from not being able to transform for three hours after using his "Reverse Double Typhoon" attack, he has shown himself to be weak against strong magnets and absolute zero coldness (the latter weakness he shares with his predecessors), as well as a disadvantage in sandy areas.


Like his predecessors, Kamen Rider V3 uses the wind to transform. By first putting his arms leftwards, he then straightly moves them to the right. By then moving them to the left counter clock-wise with finally thrusting his right arm forward while retracting his left arm back, his Double Typhoon belt has it's windmills move with a burst of light enveloping him as he jumps into the air. He then transforms into his Rider Form.


  • Interestingly enough, it was shown that Kazami owned a red guitar like Jiro does.
  • Despite being stated to have a maximum jumping height of 60 meters by some sources, V3 has shown himself to be capable of jumping much higher than that throughout the series.
  • Since V3 is technically an upgraded version of both Kamen Riders 1 and 2, it's possible that he is one of the most powerful Riders in the franchise.
    • Despite this however, he (along with other potentially powerful Riders) is often portrayed as being weaker than the newer Riders even though they should be nowhere near in terms of strength as their predecessors.
    • This further makes it possible that the older Riders are merely A.R versions in newer series.


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Behind the Scenes

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