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Kamen Rider 1 (仮面ライダー1号 Kamen Raidā Ichigō?, Masked Rider 1) is Takeshi Hongo, a superhero created by Shotaro Ishinomori (also the creator of Kikaider) who is a motorcycle-riding cyborg. Originally a very gifted person with an IQ of 600, Takeshi Hongo was captured by a terrorist group known as Shocker and altered into a wind powered cyborg with grasshopper like capabilities. Deciding to use his powers for good, Hongo fought against Shocker with help from others such as his mentor and father figure Tobei Tachibana, his trusted companion Kazuya Taki and his successor Hayato Ichimonji until finally defeating said organization as well as its successor.

He later on appeared in sequels to his series as he helped others fight against evil. These people include Jiro himself as shown in OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders as Jiro, Ichiro, Kaiketsu Zubat and Inazuman helped the Riders fight Shocker. He has also teamed up with Jiro in some of the video games where they both appeared in, such as Super Hero Taisen, to the point where he once repaired Jiro when he was damaged.

Character History

Takeshi Hongo was a college biochemistry student at Jounan University's Biochemical Department, in which he also worked alongside Professor Midorikawa. Born on August 15, 1948, Hongo was a young man with an abnormal IQ of 600 as well as amazing physical prowess which attracted the attention of the secret organization Shocker, which planned to bring about a new order to the world, where artificially enhanced beings, both cybernetically and organically, stood at the top of the world. During his younger years, Hongo lost both his parents thus making him have some tough times in his life until helped by Tachibana and others. Hongo enjoyed riding motorcycles, and during a practice, he ends up attacked and captured by Shocker`s minions. Hongo was turned into a cyborg by Shocker, but wasn't brainwashed, due to the intervention of Professor Midorikawa, who allowed his escape. The Shocker monster Spider Man (Kumo Otoko), pursued them.

Professor Midorikawa had been forced to work for Shocker, and was also the one who (unwillingly) recommended Hongo to them. He explains the situation to Hongo, who after breaking a faucet without even trying, becomes mortified. Hongo then asks Midorikawa if he will remain as a cyborg until his death, which the professor confirms. Despite his overwhelming situation, Hongo decides to use his new found powers for good. After that, Spider Man caught up with them and kills Professor Midorikawa before disappearing, leading the professor's daughter (Ruriko Midorikawa) who had just arrived there, to believe that it was Hongo who killed him. Spider Man immediately reappears to attack both of them, knocking out Ruriko and taking her to use as a bait for Hongo. Hongo fully transforms into his cyborg form, calling himself "Kamen Rider", while riding a customized bike made by the Tachibana Racing Club, the Cyclone. Hongo catches up with his foes, rescues Ruriko and defeats Spider Man along with all of his underlings. He would later face more of Shocker's minions (with help from his friends) until he later saved Hayato Ichimonji from Shocker and decided to trust him as the protector of Japan while he fought Shocker's international branches.

He would later come back to assist Ichimonji and his friends a number of times before switching places with Ichimonji and once again becoming the protector of Japan as Kamen Rider 1. He then fought the rest of Shocker's minions which led to Shocker uniting with Geldam and becoming Gel-Shocker. Although he faced tough foes, Hongo prevailed in the end and with help from his friends (including a later returned Ichimonji), managed to stop the organization.

He would later on assist other Riders in their time of need. On one occasion, Jiro, Ichiro, Kaiketsu Zubat and Inazuman helped the Riders fight against a timeline altered Shocker and their minions.


Takeshi Hongo is a heroic and selfless man that has proven himself to be fearless when he needs to be as well a kindhearted soul that tries to help those in need of his assistance, showing a lot of resemblance to Jiro. He also cares deeply towards the ones he care about, as he treated Tobei as a father figure as well as helped his best friends Ichimonji and Taki in their time of needs. He has on one occasion, referred Ichimonji and Kazami as his brothers because of their similar cyborg anatomy.

Much like Jiro, Hongo does not like killing his enemies and realizes that despite all the trouble they cause, they`re not the ones to blame but rather the person ordering them to do said acts. Also like Jiro, Hongo had a bit of self-hatred for not being a normal human. He also lamented the fact that he can no longer squeeze a child`s hand without seriously injuring them, making Hongo somewhat a tragic hero up until learning to accept himself for who he is and moving on with his life (making him resemble Jiro even more) while protecting those that need his help.


Takeshi Hongo is a pro bike racer that has an IQ of 600 and skills of a martial arts master making him a formidable ally for those on the side of good, and equally a formidable foe towards villains. His skills as a human were enough to catch the eyes of Shocker itself. After turning into a cyborg, Hongo became even more powerful. As Kamen Rider 1, Hongo has shown an amazing amount of power that exceeds most if not all of Shocker`s other creations as well as their successors. Even in his first form, Hongo was able to triumph against most of Shocker's agents without much difficulty as well as defeat ones that seemingly outclassed him in strength.

Despite the source of his strength being artificial by nature, Kamen Rider 1 has proven capable of getting stronger as he trains to exceed his limit (much like Jiro) so that he may fight against foes that were designed to be stronger than him (often times doing so quite easily). This was fully shown when he (along with Ichimonji) easily defeated multiple opponents he had trouble in the past, including a resurrected Ganikomol who seemingly outclassed Kamen Rider 1 in strength and reflexes. It is possible that he is actually the most experienced Kamen Rider in the entire series.

Aside from these abilities, Hongo is a master of biochemistry and could even turn Kazami into Kamen Rider V3, showcasing his abilities as a scientist.

Crossovers with Kikaider and other media

Kikaider 00 Novel

An alternate Kamen Rider 1 from the Kikaider 00 Novel. He first appeared as a mysterious figure called Skull man (an obvious homage to Skull man) before eventually revealing himself to be Kamen Rider 1 (A.K.A Takeshi Hongo). Unlike other main characters that aren't directly from Kikaider who appeared in this novel, he wasn't an enemy to Rei in anyway.

Let's Go Kamen Rider

In this movie, Kamen Rider 1 and 2 were defeated by Shocker due to a mishap involving time travel. In the altered timeline, the Double Riders were defeated by the Shocker Greed which allowed Shocker to brainwash them and make them their loyal soldiers. This caused the Den-Liner crew and OOO (who were the ones responsible in the first place for the altered timeline) to try and fix their mistake. They soon met the original Riders who assisted them in stopping the Shocker Greed's birth.

Despite their attempts, Shocker still managed to create the Shocker Greed which caused the timeline to seemingly remain unfixed. As it turned out however, one of the boys that the Den-liner crew brought with them to the past and couldn't bring back to the present undid the brainwashing allowing Hongo and Ichimonji to regain their former selves. Things turned even better when all the other Riders appeared with V3 stating that despite the timeline changing, the memories of others allowed them to return. They then defeated Shocker with Jiro, Ichiro, Kaiketsu Zubat and Inazuman assisting them in the battle.

Video Games

Super Hero Tactics Daidal's ambitions 

Tokusatsu Adventure Action Drama Super Hero Biographies 

Super Tokusatsu Taisen 2001

Kamen Rider 1

  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: 70 kg
  • High jump power: 15.3 m (at first)/ later on 25 m (35 m in some data)
  • Running speed: 100/1.5s

In his original form, Kamen Rider 1 has the ability to hear at distances of 4 kilometers. He could break a meter thick tree trunk or a metal rod 10 cm thick with his Rider Chop. His Rider Kick had enough power to bend steel supports of buildings. Even when he wasn't fully transformed, this form was strong enough to withstand a 50 thousand volt electric shock. It is thinkable that becoming Kamen Rider 1 has granted him a degree of immortality and immunity to organic diseases, viruses, bacteria and poison due to becoming a cybernetic human.

Unlike in his later forms, Hongo couldn't transform automatically at first, needing external wind to jump start the Typhoon's turbine and turn into his Rider form. That wind is generally generated by riding his bike, but it can also come from other sources, like an explosion that pushes hot wind towards the Typhoon belt. It was also shown that without wind or air, he wasn't able to retain said form.

Later on, his body becomes more powerful through the battles he fought and upgrades which allows Hongo to transform instantly without needing external wind sources, allows him to retain his Rider form in airless places indefinitely, gives him enough power and durability to survive a subzero trap and even a nuclear bomb close range with no apparent damage, and gives Kamen Rider 1 the versatility for over 48 different techniques that can satisfy demands otherwise unattainable in his previous forms, giving Kamen Rider 1 the nickname "Skill of #1" (技の1号 Waza no Ichigō?); this capability was later passed down to Kamen Rider V3.


Kamen Rider 1's initial power source was the wind. To transform, Hongo originally speeds on his motorcycle, Cyclone, and leaps into the air, creating wind-pressure against his Typhoon belt. The pressure spins the wheel in the center of his belt which then activates the micro-nuclear engine and allows him to transform.

Later on as he grew more powerful he learned to transform by absorbing the wind by himself (although he can still use any source of wind generated outside of his powers) thus getting rid of a major weakness. Like Kamen Riders 2 and V3, Kamen Rider 1 has a crippling weakness to the cold and can't transform properly when hit by absolute zero coldness as shown in episode 98 of his series.

The "old" Rider did not have a shout or a pose when he transforms.

Rider Transformation

In his upgraded forms, Hongo slowly says "Rider Transformation" and throws his right arm at a diagonal to his left then rotates it up right, then he retracts it to his waist and thrusts out his left arm at a diagonal to his right. After that pose, the windmill on the Typhoon belt spins as burst of energy envelops him, transforming him into Kamen Rider 1. While the Windmill on his Rider belt spins, Hongo often leaps in the air, for better mobility.


  • Rider Kick: His trademark finishing attack, Kamen Rider 1 kicks the opponent with a great deal of strength.
    • Lightning Rider Kick: Perhaps his strongest lone move, has twice the power of his Rider Kick.
    • Rider Point Kick: Concentrates the power of his Rider Kick to one point, allowing him to destroy one part of something without harming the rest of it.
    • Rider Screw Kick: By spinning himself, Kamen Rider 1 gains greater force for his Rider Kick.
    • Rider Reversal Kick: By jumping high in the air, Kamen Rider 1 kicks something (such as a wall) before using his Rider Kick, used to ether increase the amount of power to his kick, or to hit an opponent's weakness.
    • Rider Bolt Kick: Somewhat a more powerful version of his Rider Reversal Kick, by kicking something repeatedly instead of once, he gives out a devastating kick with lightning like orbit.
    • Rider Fireball Kick: While enveloped in fire, Kamen Rider 1 activates his Rider Kick, causing severe burns to his opponent.
    • Rider Two Step Jump: A jump move which allows Kamen Rider 1 to jump higher than when he uses his Rider Jump move.
    • Rider Spring Kick: A move that Rider 1 uses against tentacle based opponents, Rider 1 allows himself to be wrapped in an opponent's tentacles before pulling them with his strength, then using using his Rider Kick attack when they're in close proximity.
  • Rider Chop: A sharp chop that Kamen Rider 1 uses against his enemies, able to use repeatedly against an opponent.
    • Rider Flying Chop: A cross karate chop that Kamen Rider 1 deals in a tackling sort of way.
    • Screw Chop: Seemingly an underwater version of his Rider Chop.
    • Rider Double Crusher Chop: Shown in a video game, Kamen Rider 1 uses his Rider Chop then his Rider Reversal, allowing him to deal another powerful chop to his opponent.
  • Rider Punch: A punch move that can defeat opponents.
    • Flying Rider Punch: A move where Kamen Rider 1 jumps high in the air, then deals his Rider Punch to an opponent.
    • Rider Reversal Double Punch: Also shown in a video game, After using his Flying Rider Punch, Kamen Rider 1 uses his Rider Reversal then deals a double punch to his opponent.
  • Cyclone Crusher: A move where Kamen Rider 1 rams his Cyclone bike onto his opponent.
    • Cyclone Attack: Riding on his New Cyclone bike which has it's front shaking, Kamen Rider 1 rams his vehicle onto his opponent onto his opponent.
    • Cyclone Cutter: Moving his New Cyclone bike at a very fast speed, Kamen Rider 1 rams his vehicle onto his opponent, which causes said opponent to be slashed.
    • Cyclone Surfing Jump: While riding on strong waves with his New Cyclone bike, Kamen Rider 1 skillfully uses the waves to jump high in the air.
    • Cyclone Hurricane: Using the boosters on his New Cyclone bike, Kamen Rider 1 burns his opponents with it.
    • Cyclone Rock Climbing: If facing a rock slide while on his bike, Kamen Rider 1 uses said vehicle to hop on boulders and reach a stable place.
    • New Cyclone Giant Spin Jump: While flying in the air with his New Cyclone bike, Kamen Rider 1 uses the air to his advantage and does the Cyclone Cutter attack.
    • Parachute Stop: When deciding to stop his New Cyclone bike, Kamen Rider 1 sometimes uses parachutes stored in his vehicle to stop if he is moving at a very fast speed.
    • Reaction Jump: When using his Parachute Stop technique, Kamen Rider 1 uses the sudden stop to jump high in the air.
  • Rider Power: Using a switch in his belt, Kamen Rider 1 temporarily gains a burst of power.
  • Rider Knee Pad: Running up to his opponent, Kamen Rider 1 deals a devastating attack to them.
  • Rider Throw: A move where Kamen Rider 1 binds his opponent before throwing them high in the air.
  • Rider Undercut: While lowering himself beneath his opponent, Kamen Rider 1 uses both his legs and kicks his opponent.
  • Screw Kick: If Kamen Rider 1 becomes trapped in a room, he can uses his muffler to act as a grapple while he spins around like a screw then destroying an obstacle to free himself. Despite having "kick" in it's name, this attack is more of a body slam.
  • Rider Scissors: Grabbing his opponents arms and legs while on the air, Kamen Rider 1 weighs his opponents onto his shoulders before throwing them into the air.
    • Rider Head Crusher: Grabbing the opponent's head with his legs, Kamen Rider 1 spins high in the air with the opponent before proceeding to smash said opponent's head.
  • Rider Screw Block: A move where Kamen Rider 1 throws his enemy onto something.
  • Rider Hammer: A variation of the Rider Screw Block that's used to weaken the opponent.
  • Rider Hammer Fan: Grabbing an opponent's arms or legs, Kamen Rider 1 spins them around to use as a weapon against multiple other opponents.
  • Rider Swing: Another variation of the Rider Screw Block that's also used to weaken the opponent.
  • Rider Return: A move where Kamen Rider 1 grabs his opponent then jumps in the air, before smashing his opponent on the ground. The damage is further enhanced by the opponent's tackling power.
    • Rider Hammer Kick: An attack where Kamen Rider 1, while in the middle of using his Rider Return, kicks his opponent.
  • Rider Tailspin Shoot: An attack where Kamen Rider 1 grabs his opponent then spins around to stun them before throwing them high in the air. Especially effective against marine based opponents.
  • Energy Release: An attack where the opponent gets stunned by powerful waves of energy Kamen Rider 1 releases.
  • Rider Knee Block: Following his opponent whom he threw in the air, Kamen Rider 1 smashes said opponent onto his knees.
  • Rider Drop Kick: An attack that's similar to his Rider Knee Block technique.
  • Rider Rolling: Grabbing his opponent while they lie down, Kamen Rider 1 holds them onto his shoulder before spinning around, disorientating the opponent.
  • Rider Back Jump: A move similar to his Rider Head Crusher, Kamen Rider 1 get behind an opponent then grabs said opponent with his legs, before proceeding to slam them onto the ground.
  • Rider Fight: After transforming into his Rider Form, Kamen Rider 1 does his transformation pose again to boost his powers.
  • Rider Jump: A move where Kamen Rider 1 jumps high in the air using his powerful legs.
  • Rider Reversal: A move where Kamen Rider 1 jumps at a great height in reverse.
  • Rider Crusher: While spinning high in the air, Kamen Rider 1 uses his Rider Kick technique to destroy an obstacle.
  • Combined Techniques
    • Rider Double Kick: (with Kamen Rider 2) Kamen Riders 1 and 2 use their Rider Kick attacks at the same time, thus dealing a greater amount of damage to the opponent.
    • Double Rider Punch: (with Kamen Rider 2) Kamen Riders 1 and 2 use their Rider Punch attacks at the same time, thus dealing a greater amount of damage to the opponent.
    • Rider Double Chop: (with Kamen Rider 2) Kamen Riders 1 and 2 use their Rider Chops at the same time for an even more powerful attack.
    • Rider Return: (with Kamen Rider 2) A move in which both Riders use the Rider Return attack at the same time.
    • Rider Wheel: (with Kamen Rider 2) Both Riders join together and roll quickly to get near their opponent and allow close combat.
    • Rider Wheel (another variation): (with Kamen Rider 2) They both run very quickly in a big circle at opposite directions, forcing their opponents to follow them, then they jump while narrowly avoiding each other with the opponents crashing into one another in the air as they follow.
    • Head Crusher: (with Kamen Rider 2) Both use a strong headbutt to destroy an obstacle.
    • Rider Hammer Push: (with Kamen Rider 2) A move where they grab an opponent then jump high in the air, proceeding with smashing the opponents against each other.
    • Rider Hammer Kick: (with Kamen Rider 2) Another variation of the Rider Hammer Push.
    • Rider Triple Kick: (with Rider 2 and V3): Kamen Riders 1, 2 and V3 use their Rider Kick thus taking out multiple opponents.
    • Triple Reverse Typhoon: (with Rider 2 and V3): while creating a circle by holding hands, all three Riders activate the windmills on their belts, creating a devastating twister that's powerful enough to damage even them as a side effect.
    • Rider Triple Power: (with Rider 2 and V3): Kamen Riders 1, 2 ride on the bikes while close to one another, with Kazami standing on the back of their New Cyclone bikes. They then activate their Rider Powers at the same time, pooling the powers in the front of the machines, before proceeding to hit an opponent with the vehicles.
    • Rider Hurricane Eye: (with Rider 2 and V3): Kamen Riders 1, 2 and V3 join up together in a circle, then spin around while high in the air, causing the opponent to get sucked up in the middle of the airless vacuum they created.
    • X Rider Super High Kick: (with Rider 2, V3, Riderman and X)Aligning themselves, the five Riders use teamwork and allow X to attack an opponent with a devastating kick they helped create.
    • Rider Synchro: (with multiple Riders): Perhaps his most powerful attack, Kamen Rider 1 uses his power in conjunction with other Riders to the point where they can even warp reality itself.



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Behind the Scenes

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  • It is likely that Kamen Rider 1 is one of the strongest Kamen Rider throughout the series as he not only has an IQ of 600 as well as a great deal of experience, but could even withstand the full effects of a nuclear bomb without apparently being injured or knocked out.
    • He (along with most of his Showa Rider brethren) is also immune to the effects of aging in terms of appearance as stated in the series, with an example of how Hongo withstood a below zero degree trap in human form which a normal human's skin (or organic parts for that matter) wouldn't be able to take.
    • This heavily hints the Takeshi Hongo that appeared in later sequels (as well as other Showa Riders) may have been A.R versions, which would explain the multiple plot holes with in the series.
    • Another example would be how Hongo (along with other potentially powerful Riders) is often portrayed as being weaker than the newer Riders even though they should be no where near in terms of strength as their predecessors.
  • Despite being stated to have a maximum jumping height of 25 meters by some sources, Kamen Rider 1 has shown himself to be capable of jumping much higher than that throughout the series.
  • Apparently Hongo can play the guitar much like how Jiro can.

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