[[Image:Template:SeasonAbbrevation_Ichiro Komyoji (Manga).jpg|220px|center|Ichiro Komyoji]]
Ichiro Komyoji
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Influence
Season: Android Kikaider (Manga)
Homeworld: Earth
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Last Appearance: {{{lastepisode}}}
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Ichiro Komyoji was the late son of Dr. Hiroshi Komyoji from his first marriage. He was an environmental agent dedicated to keeping a healthy ecosystem, by confronting the sources of problems. However, upon investigating a corporation related to DARK he was killed and his death was made to look like an accident. Ichiro's death caused Dr. Komyoji the desire to create an environmental agent that would not be killed, which developed into the creation of Kikaider 01 who is named after Ichiro and the final product Jiro/Kikaider.


Ichiro was a young man with short dark hair and eyes. His clothing consisted of a lightly colored suit and dark shoes.


In his short appearance, Ichiro was dedicated to protecting the environment to keep a healthy ecosystem for the future of humanity even confront the source of pollution and waste at the source by showing the public the shady deals the corporations made, which unfortunately cost Ichiro his life.

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