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Hot Contest of the Secluded Region!! Zadam's Infernal Trap
Kikaider 01, Episode 27
Kikaider01 27
Air date November 17, 1973
Episode Guide
Deathmatch of the South Era!! Zadam: ESP Demonstration
Lunatic Town: The Terrifying Mermaid's Great Counterattack

Hot Contest of the Secluded Region!! Zadam's Infernal Trap (秘境の激戦!! ザダムの地獄の罠 Hikyō no Gekisen!! Zadamu no Jigoku no Wana?) is the twenty seventh episode of Kikaider 01.


Using Katsura as a hostage, Shadow Knight tries to bait 01, but even if he rescues her, she is strapped with a belt of extremely high explosives. But, if Ichiro comes to her rescue and manages to remove the belt, a secondary plan with go into action – Shadow Knight will mobilize SHADOW's Hell Kappa robot which will attach itself to 01 and explode its internal Hydrogen Bomb! Can 01 foil Shadow Knight's plan and save Katsura?


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