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Hanpei Hattori
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Supporter
Season: Android Kikaider (Manga)
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Hanpei Hattori (nicknamed Hanpen) is a private detective who usually served as comic relief, compared to his tokusatsu counterpart he has a smaller role.


Hanpei wears large glasses that cover the top half of his face, he has a large chin and has a big grin. He has long dark hair that grows down with a headband that he usually wears a hat over. While his outfits vary, he usually wears a trenchcoat.


Hanpei is a friendly and cooperative yet goofy person who is willing to go to certain lengths to get a job done especially towards Jiro after befriending. He dislikes being called Hanpen and is easily freightened by certain factors like DARK robots and Jiro's abilities as Kikaider.


While Hanpei does not give a good first impression, he is able to track down Jiro from various locations in Japan and guess where he might come to. He also claims to have a black belt in judo and karate.


Hanpei was hired by Mitsuko Komyoji to help find Jiro. He along with his assistant found him being chased by the police and manage to lead him back to the Komyoji House. Afterwards he usually helps Jiro and the Komyoji Family in tracking down clues in schemes by DARK. After Dr. Komyoji was brought back, Hanpei had not appeared for the rest of the series.

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