This article is about a/an ally in Android Kikaider: The Animation.
Hanpei (Anime)
Gender: Male
Ally Type:
Season: Android Kikaider: The Animation
First Appearance: Stray Sheep
Last Appearance: The Boy with the Guitar: Kikaider vs. Inazuman
Number of Episode

Full list of appearances
Actor: [[Keaton Yamada (Seiyuu)
Kirk Thornton (English dub)]]

Hanpei Hattori is a human ally of Kikiader and the Kohmyoji family.

Character History

When Mitsuko realized that she had made a mistake letting Jiro run away after their argument, she and Masaru decided to hire Hanpei to look for him. Hanpei didn't know that Jiro was an android and was told by Mitsuko that she was looking for her "older brother". At the time, Hanpei didn't have any cases and accepted Mitsuko's offer as he was flat broke from having no business and he wanted to help. He and Etsuko searched the city until they found him standing in the rain near a clock in a shopping plaza. They brought him into a diner and Hanpei tried to talk sense into him by saying that his "sister" was worried about him and that whatever differences may have come between them, she and Masaru are family. Jiro however was still upset about Mitsuko wanting to destroy him if his GEMINI failed and ran away. Hanpei tried to chase after him but lost him in the crowd and then tried to go to the plaza, but missed him leaving by a few minutes.

Later that night, Hanpei heard an explosion near a radio tower and headed towards it then saw Jiro being carried off by Carmine Spider's web. He climbed up to try and save him, but then witnessed Jiro transform into Kikaider. Once he reached the top he saw Carmine Spider try to crush Kikiader and got scared after Carmine Spider tried to attack him for witnessing DARK's plans. Jiro used his Denji End attack to destroy the robot and break his bonds to save Hanpei. Due to the battle, the Tower's supports collapsed and began falling over. Jiro picked up Hanpei and jumped down to the ground away from the building to save him. After waking up in a field, Hanpei was found by Mitsuko, Masaru and Etsuko. Hanpei said he would not rest until he found Jiro, but told Mitsuko that he wanted the honest truth about what and who he is.



  • In the English Dub, Hanpei Hattori is portrayed by Kirk Thornton.

Behind the Scenes

  • to be added


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