This article is about a/an Squad in Kikaider 01.
Hakaider Squad
Hakaider Squad
Name Gill-Hakaider
Red Hakaider
Blue Hakaider
Silver Hakaider
Gender: Male
Season(s): Kikaider 01
Color(s): Black
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Invincibility!! Birth of Android 01!!
Last Appearance: Great Leader: A Mysterious Big Shadow!?
Number of Episode
Red, & Blue Hakaider (1-9)
Silver Hakaider (1-10)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Red Hakaider/Red Centipede: Teiji Ōmiya
Blue Hakaider: Setsuo Wakui
Silver Hakaider/Silver Shrimp: Takeshi Watabe
Blue Crocodile Eisuke Yoda

(ハカイダー部隊, Hakaida Butai) When Hakaider returned from the dead with Professor Gill's brain, instead of Dr. Komyoji's, he created three other Hakaiders from three DARK scientists to serve as his aides; Red Hakaider (レッドハカイダー Reddo Hakaida), Blue Hakaider (ブルーハカイダー Buru Hakaida) and Silver Hakaider(シルバーハカイダー,Shirubā Hakaida). All four Hakaiders combine into a singular robot called Gattaider(ガッタイダー, Gattaida) (7-8). The three Hakaiders sacrificed themselves so that Professor Gill can escape. In the live-action version, all four Hakaider also transformed into separate robot monsters; Gill, Red, Blue and Silver Hakaider transformed into Black Dragon (7)(which looks like King Ghidorah), Red Centipede(5-6), Blue Alligator (5) and Silver Shrimp(4), respectively. They have Androbots who assist them.



  • Gattaider's name is based on the japanese word "gattai", which means "combine".
  • While the manga and anime showed Gill Hakaider as Gill controlling Saburo`s body, the tokusatsu showed Gill Hakaider as a new personality rather than Gill himself.
  • It is unknown who the other three scientists were that put there brains inside each Hakaider body, but the manga showed three scientists that Jiro forced to put Komyoji`s brain back into his original body before blowing up the base so it is possible that they were ones that put their brains inside each Hakaider`s body.

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