This article is about a/an episode in Kikaider 01.
Hakaider: What is his 4th Rank Attack!?
Kikaider 01, Episode 2
Kikaider 01 2
Air date May 19 1973
Episode Guide
Invincibility!! Birth of Android 01!!
The Return of Jiro, aka Kikaider

Hakaider: What is his 4th Rank Attack!? (ハカイダー四段攻撃とは何か!? Hakaidā Yon Dan Kōgeki to wa Nani ka!??) is the second episode of Kikaider 01.


Ichiro tries to determine who Akira is, by searching for the woman in a photograph with the boy. When the trail leads them to a hospital, where they discover the woman has vanished, the Hakaida Force ambushes them. With his legs crippled by the Hakaida Four-Stage Attack, can Kikaida 01 protect Akira when his solar energy starts to ebb?


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