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Great Work!! The Terrifying Giant: The Devil Starts
Kikaider 01, Episode 17
Kikaider01 17
Air date September 1 1973
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Great Work!! The Terrifying Giant: The Devil Starts (大巨編!! 恐怖の巨人デビル始動 Dai Kyohen!! Kyōfu no Kyojin Debiru Shidō?) is the seventeenth episode of Kikaider 01.


In order to power Giant Devil, SHADOW seeks the formula for a destructive substance and attempts to steal the formula from its inventor – and fail when Jiro rescues him – but Misao winds up with the formula and she is captured along with Akira. Big Shadow now moves forward on the completion of the omnipotent Giant Devil. Can the construction on this monstrous robot be stopped?


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