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Great Devil Silver Tortoise Summons 3 Monsters
Android Kikaider, Episode 14
Android Kikaider 14
Air date October 14 1972
Written by Hideka Nagasaka
Directed by Toyohiko Hatakeyama
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Great Devil Silver Tortoise Summons 3 Monsters (大魔神ギンガメが三怪物を呼ぶ Daimajin Gin Game ga San Kaibutsu o Yobu?) is the fourteenth episode of Android Kikaider.


Prof. Gill revives the 13 Destructoids defeated by Kikaida and gives them three times their original power to test them against Silver Tortoise.


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  • Stock Footages of Episodes 2, 3, and 6 were used when Kikaider fights Green Mantis, Orange Ant, and Black Horse.
  • Since Silver Tortoise was stated to have 15 times more power than all the previous destructoids, that would mean he has at least 1500000 horsepower, which would also mean Jiro had at least that much power in his battle form (it should also be noted that Jiro easily defeated Silver Tortoise as well as three other destructoids in one fight) before becoming even stronger in episode 35.
  • Although Gold Wolf appeared in this episode he no longer has his humanity thus making him no different from all the other destructoids.