This article is about a/an episode in Kikaider 01.
Ghost Story: Gill's Apparition Will Curse With Hell
Kikaider 01, Episode 14
Ghost Story4
Air date August 11 1973
Episode Guide
Ghost Story: The Challenge of Ghost Pulley Neck
Explosion: Giant Devil's Secret

Ghost Story: Gill's Apparition Will Curse With Hell (怪談 ギルの亡霊が地獄で呪う Kaidan Giru no Bōrei ga Jigoku de Norou?) is the fourteenth episode of Kikaider 01.


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Big Shadow contacts the spirit of Professor Gill and discovers that Akira has a sibling who possesses a secret concerning Giant Devil. Narrowing the search down to a young girl, a ghostly SHADOW Murderbot, is sent to discover if she is indeed the daughter of Professor Gill.


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