The Denji End(電磁エンド Denji End) is the signature finishing move used by Jiro that often (only failing once) defeats the enemy. The move consists of Jiro jumping and crossing his arms while yelling "Denji End", hitting his foe. After using said move on a destructoid, the opponent often explodes very quickly (excluding the time Jiro used it on Gold Wolf as he presumably held back) and falls in pieces. Despite it being a very lethal move, it failed to destroy or seemingly injure Black Crow causing Jiro to upgrade himself. Throughout various media that introduced Jiro, the Denji End has changed as well (such as becoming it electric blades that slice through his opponent) and at times doesn't work against his opponents compared to the original. Throughout later on in the series, Jiro has used different finisher moves (even using one of said moves to defeat Saburo, but presumably held back so as to not kill him) causing the Denji End attack to somewhat be used less as the series progressed until it was finally used again by Jiro to defeat his last foe.

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