This article is about a/an episode in Android Kikaider.
Crazed Jiro Attacks Komyoji
Android Kikaider, Episode 36
Kikaider 36
Air date March 17 1973
Written by Hideka Nagasaka
Directed by Toyohiko Hatakeyama
Episode Guide
The End of Jiro's Electromagnetic End!
Jiro's Younger Brother: The Formidable Enemy Hakaider!

Crazed Jiro Attacks Koumyouji (狂ったジローが光明寺をおそう Kurutta Jirō ga Kōmyōji o Osou?) is the thirty-sixth episode of Android Kikaider.


Blue Stag Beetle robs bank after bank in an effort to raise funds for the development of DARK's greatest Destructoid.


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  • Komyoji has regained his memory as of this episode.
  • If Komyoji knew about Gill`s flute and what it does, then he should have done something to block out the noise (or at least ran away like he did when he suffered from amnesia ) instead of doing almost nothing.


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