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Carmine Spider

Carmine Spider (カーマインスパイダー, Kāmain Supaidā 8, 14, & Movie): is an arachnid based Destructoid, with powerful webbing abilities.


A Destructoid that was ordered by Gill to find a child with Rh-negative blood to use for their new weapon, he attacked a Child Welfare center, where he found one child with said blood type. As he was strangling a teacher that was trying to stop him, Jiro appeared and warded Carmine Spider away by slicing his arms using the "Double Chop" attack.

In his second attempt at taking the child's blood, Gill assisted Carmine Spider by using his flute to prevent Jiro from interrupting. Despite having a clear advantage, the arrogant Carmine Spider attempted to further undermine his opponent by spraying his web fluid at Jiro's face. This proved to be his undoing however, as Jiro used the fluid to block out Gill's flute and transform into Kikaider. In their rematch, Jiro further used Carmine Spider's web against him by ensnaring his opponent using the Side Machine. Soon afterwards, the battle ended when Carmine Spider was destroyed by Kikaider's "Denji End" attack.

He was revived on episode 14 along along with all the other Destructoids that were created before Silver Turtle to test his power. He was immediately destroyed by Silver Tortoise afterwards. He was revived yet again with all the Destructoids created before Multi-Colored Sand Lizard (aside from Tiny Echidna) in the movie only to be destroyed in the end.


Along with the ability to shoot web fluid called the Spider Threads, Carmine Spider has other spider based abilities such as being able to create a web net called the Spider Net and producing a poisonous venom from his fangs. he can also remote control his hands if they're severed.

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