This article is about a/an episode in Kikaider 01.
Bloodsucking Mansion: Terror of the Beautiful Girls' Hostel!!
Kikaider 01, Episode 21
Kikaider01 21
Air date October 6 1973
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Great Fury: Shadow Leader's Conscious Confirm
Special Lesson of Japan is the Murder Practice!?

Bloodsucking Mansion: Terror of the Beautiful Girls' Hostel!! (吸血の館 美人女子寮の恐怖!! Kyūketsu no Yakata Bijin Joshi Ryō no Kyōfu!!?) is the twenty-first episode of Kikaider 01.


SHADOW goes after the blood of young virgins in order to create a new breed of robot monsters. Hakaida and Shadow Knight murder dozens of young women, in order to procure the proper blood type. Yuka, a student at a private school for girls, is found to have the desired type, and is attacked. Ichiro saves her, but now the dorm comes under siege by SHADOW's grotesque vampire bat robots.


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