[[Image:Template:SeasonAbbrevation_Akira (Manga).jpg|220px|center|Akira]]
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Protectee
Season: Android Kikaider (Manga)
Homeworld: Earth
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Akira is the young son of Professor Gill with the design of the Giant Devil and weaponry embedded on his back.


Akira is a young boy with short dark hair and eyes. His clothing consists of a short sleeve shirt and shorts. On his back is the designs for the weaponry of giant devil.


Akira is an average child with a carefree attitude and gets close to people who are friendly to him. Like other children he is afraid of what comes to threaten him whether it is his father in a robot body or SHADOW.


Akira was born to an unnamed mother along with his twin Rumi while looked after by Rieko. At some point Professor Gill branded plans for Giant Devil on his back in case the weapon was needed. Because of this inhumane act, Rieko escaped with Akira and has been running ever since. When Professor Gill became Hakaider, he decided to reclaim the plans for Giant Devil by targeting Akira. Rieko would run from them with the boy while encountering SHADOW who also wanted the plans as well as the Kikaider Brothers. Eventually, Akira was captured by SHADOW one night at the Komyoji House and they completed Giant Devil with its rudimentary functions. Akira was kept in the base until he was rescued by the Kikaider Brothers and Hakaider before he was captured again by Hakaider to complete Giant Devil with Rumi. Jiro managed to destroy Giant Devil while rescuing the children. What happened to them afterwards is unknown.

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